I recently started posting on Steemit. You’ll find my most recent work there, photography, art and writing. Please click the this link to check it out. www.steemit.com/@elsbeth-upton

How many times have you taken a picture that you think is absolutely perfect and sent it off to be printed only to find out that when you get the print back that part of it has been cut off. Frustrating. Am I right? Understanding Aspect Ratio will help stop that frustration. So I put together a page that explains Aspect Ratio and even made a video to show you an easy way to crop photos to get what you want out of them.

I’m excited to announce that the promotional material for the upcoming gallery show that I have the privilege to be a part of is now available! The show is called Footprints. An Endangered Journey. You can also find that and more under ourĀ Events section. Please feel free to share the information. If you would like print copies of the poster or the postcards to help me spread the word, let me know and I will see that you get them!

Chickens are a passion of mine. For over 20 years, I have kept chickens as pets, some of them even as house pets. You cannot live day in and day out with an animal without gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of the species. I have experienced beautiful friendships and heartbreaking failures with them. But through everything, one thing has remained true, that without them there would be an inconsolable void in my life. My hope is that through my photography I can create awareness of the unique characteristics of these amazing creatures. They are complex animals with the capacity for intelligence, affection and tremendous personality. They can be bold, shy, curious and loving. They have the ability to create profound bonds with other birds as well as with the people that love them. They learn, love and even grieve for lost loved ones. In each of my photographs, I […]