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Paranoid Delusions and Other Home Cooking Recipes: A Self Portrait
It is A Journey of Self Discovery that brought me home on the most unexpected of foot paths.
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Each of the poems in this manuscript is symbolic of an event in my life. A learning experience if you will. The original version of the manuscript contained facing pages, one containing the poem and the opposing page with an original artwork designed and created to enhance the imagery of the poetry. In the creation of the online version of this book, I decided to superimpose the poem onto the artwork. The original print of the manuscript is nearly 100 pages, so it will take me a great deal of time to photograph each image, superimpose the poem and get everything uploaded, so please be patient with me.
Much of this work is rather dark. This not happy, feel good poetry. However one of the single most important things I have learned through the years is that EVERYONE has had experiences in their life where being able to connect with another human being with a similar experience has helped the heal. Writing this manuscript was a vital part of the healing process for me and my hope is that sharing the experiences will help others in their healing processes as well. No one is truly alone that allows others in.

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