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 This is the cover of the August/September 2013 edition of Backyard Poultry Magazine

 This is my original photograph. This proud rooster’s name is Brooke, he loves being the center of attention!

Love chickens as much as I do? Then please check out one of my other sites called Rooster Hooch. It is An Eclectic Collection of Life on a Suburban Farm.

 IMG_5311(Web)  B&WMagCover  B&WMagPage
 This is my original image. It was taken after a family photo shoot. Everyone had already changed out of their “Portrait Cloths” and we took some candids for fun.  This is the cover of Issue 107, February 2015 of Black and White Magazine.  And here is my photo on page 187. People’s Choice Winner in the category of Portraiture/Children!
Swallowtail2(Web) 20141211_122150 At some point I will get a photo of the front cover of the calendar for here
This is my original image that Birds and Blooms Magazine contacted me about purchasing the non-exclusive rights to. This is the advertisement in Birds and Blooms Magazine showing my photo on the cover of their 2015 Calendar. And as it turns out, 23 other products available on their website. It is not only the front cover of the 2015 Calendar, it is also February!
IMG_1117(Web) 20141211_120952 20141211_121037
This is my original image. This is our Tom Turkey Ably. He loves to show off for the camera. This is the cover of the 2015 Backyard Poultry Calendar. And here is Alby as Mr. November



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