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 IMG_2101(Web)  IMG_5586(Web)  IMG_2173(Web)  IMG_5121(Web)
 IMG_6642(Web)  IMG_6905(Web)  IMG_5642(Web)  IMG_2167(Web)
 IMG_2880(Web)  IMG_3324(Web)  IMG_5059(Web)
 IMG_6777(Web)-2  IMG_6778(Web)-2  IMG_6833(Web)  IMG_6802(Web)
 IMG_5603(Web)  IMG_5065(Web)  Kay1(Web)
 IMG_6993(Web)  IMG_7000(Web)  IMG_7171(Web)  IMG_7658(Web)
 IMG_7010(Web)  IMG_7179(Web)  Seabright1(Web)  Seabright2(Web)
 Kay2(Web)  TurkeyMale(Web)  IMG_9389(Web)  TurkeyFemale(Web)
 Seabright3(Web)  IMG_6593(Web)  IMG_7651(Web)

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  1. Hi Elsbeth – my name is Renee and I am from the Bucks County Foodshed Alliance. Susan Pierson contacted you yesterday. We would love to use one of your images for our brochure. Would it be possible to send me the jpeg of this one: http://i1.wp.com/www.upton-studios.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/IMG_3324Web.jpg ? My email is renee.cauller@verizon.net. Thank you!

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